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Ultimate guide for dispensary products

Saturation is the buzzword in the Oklahoma cannabis industry right now. Most will argue that there are too many grows, too many products, and too many dispensaries for any segment to dominate a profit margin. More products mean more sales reps are storming the dispensaries with every imaginable “amazing” cannabinoid product. How do dispensaries navigate growing their customer base with the right products and balancing the tried -and-true with new trends? We have found three criteria that dispensaries can use to find the right products for your patients. Queens of Cannabis is a family owned cannabis distribution company that emphasizes their one-stop-shop service to evaluate brands, prices, and trends. What dispensaries are really looking for to select products are loyalty, product diversity, and customer service.

Dispensaries want to build loyalty from their patients and distributors want your loyalty. Just as a quality dispensary goes above and beyond to encourage patient loyalty, so should your distributor. Queens of Cannabis takes care of business by making it personable. Taking the time to know clients, know their goals, know their needs, and keeping dispensaries informed of product releases and specials.

Product diversity is one of the trickiest paths for any business owner. Products collecting dust on the shelves is a drain on financial resources but it is vital to stay current in the ever developing products that could be the next financial boom. With years of experience, Queens of Cannabis has the best pulse on evaluating risk assessment. Building a relationship with your distributor means having a valuable resource that knows what products are moving and quality products that are about to be released.This kind of loyalty helps dispensaries develop trust to navigate the tried-and-true products and stay current on the trending products.

Customer service has been overused and turned into a proverbial cliche. Dispensary owners will be the first to tell you the horror stories of distributor customer service or lack thereof. Distributors should make the effort to stay in touch that best suits the dynamics of the dispensary. The distributors should be knowledgeable about their products, willing and able to provide education on the spot. Ordering products should be convenient and user-friendly. Queens of Cannabis has rolled our their new website to facilitate a full digital menu, Delivery should be prompt and reliable. Not every processor has the same return policy so distributors are at the mercy of processor’s return policy as to how they can stand behind their products. However, Queens of Cannabis can go over each product’s return policy and stand behind the quality that is the ultimate goal for every patient.

Building a relationship with your distributor(s) should be an absolute priority for the long-term success of every dispensary. Shasing after every shiny object will likely have severe negative effects. Gain loyalty with patients by developing loyalty with your distributors. Expand dispensary product diversity methodically by tapping into the experience of a trusted distributor. Stick with quality products that your patients trust and rest assured in the customer service a quality distributor can provide. Reach out and contact your distributor now for an exciting start of a new year!


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